One of the many joys in character development, whether you’re onstage, or preparing for a Halloween bash, is makeup.¬ Character makeup is as integral to a look as costume, gesture, accent, and tone when transforming yourself into someone else.¬ In this video, we offer some tips on how to create a look that has the potential to transform you into powerful, otherworldly characters along the lines of Maleficent,¬ the Three Witches in¬ Macbeth,¬ and other figures who cross the line of “normal looking”.¬ ¬

Products used in this tutorial include:

Washable glue stick

Kryolan Derma Color Pallete

Elf Eyebrow Pencil

Elf Eyeshadow Palette in Opposite Attract

Elf Lipstick¬

NYX Setting Powder

First, we cover the eyebrows, which reveals the potential of a look without eyebrows, or the opportunity to create bold, long, funny, weird, scary, angular eyebrows to terrify your audience.¬ Next we play with contouring, finding the valleys (deep places) and mountains (protruding) parts of the face to morph features and create a severe look.¬ Then we look at telling a story with eye shadow colors, and finally adapt the lips by changing their shape to match the angular quality of the new eyebrows.


Scary Eyebrows

As you can see, there’s lots of potential to play with contouring outside of what may be cool on YouTube and Instagram.¬ Contouring doesn’t just apply to cheek bones and noses, but allows you to morph your eyes, lips, and eyebrows as well, creating a full, and often terrifying character.¬

To get you started with looks for this month’s spooky-vibes and beyond, here’s a bonus video, creating bruises with eyeshadow and primer. All you need is a dark eyeshadow pallet, or one that includes greens and yellow, a liquid primer, and a brush (or sponge) that allows you to stipple.¬ Layering on color is easy and fun and allows you to experiment¬ with eyeshadow in a whole new way.¬ Be sure to spray your bruise with a setting spray when done to lock it all in place, and enjoy!¬

Using Eye Shadow to Create Bruising

Let us know how this tutorial inspires you.¬ What characters do you want to embody?¬ What stage makeup tips would you like to see next on Stage Agent? Happy face painting!

Want to see more spooky make up tutorials? Check out part 2 in our series and discover how to use common household goods to make that perfect spooky look!

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