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A Theatre Geek’s Back-to-School Shopping Guide

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Shopping for normal-people school supplies is easy. You walk into Staples and buy one of everything and then never use it. But how should you approach back-to-school shopping as a theatre person? Allow me to translate your school supply list into theatrical terms, using every student’s favorite tool: Venn Diagrams.

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Actors: Do Your Homework!

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The other day, I got on the subway and overheard a young musical theatre actor say, “Oh no, I don’t know the work of Annie Baker. Honestly, I don’t really read plays.” It took all of my strength not to walk over to this young man, shake him, and scream, “THIS IS YOUR CRAFT!!! YOU HAVE TO EDUCATE YOURSELF OR YOU WILL BECOME IRRELEVANT.” But it was hot and I was tired — so I rolled my eyes, said a wee prayer for his career, and enjoyed my brief respite in the air conditioning.

However, the incident got me thinking about how, more and more, I am meeting performers and industry professionals who are not doing their homework — and it shows. Yes, school is starting for many theatre students all over the world in the next couple of weeks, but — in fact — the homework never stops. Homework should be an essential part of your life, throughout your career. There are a lot of people who believe that if they have gone to school and done well, then they are educated, have a leg up in the industry,

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The Theatre Performer’s Back-to-School Guide


The start of a new school year is exciting for a performing artist. Hopefully, you go to a school or college that has an active, professionally-managed drama department along with student-run productions.  Day one of school is an exciting fresh start.  Your time in school is a special period of life where you can focus on developing the necessary skills to become the adult you want to be someday. A brand new season of plays and musicals opens up a world of artistic possibilities. Here are some tips to help you make the most out of the coming school year:


Set some goals:  Having goals will help you make the most of your time this school year, and actually writing them down provides a visual reminder, giving you something to aim for.  Make sure these goals are achievable during this school year. You might want to make it to Broadway some day, but smaller milestones will provide you greater motivation. Examples of achievable goals include mastering a particular tap dance step, working as artistic staff on a production, or adding ten songs to your singing repertoire.

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Beyond Performance: How else to make an Artist’s Life

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“There is no shame in not having the right personality type to truly thrive in NYC. I am not a failure because I haven’t stayed in NYC. I am a success because I keep adapting to life. Personal and professional growth and transformations are such a huge part of growing up and working towards finding your wisdom, and I am so delighted with my own.” – Corrie Beula Kovacs, owner of Show How, LLC, a Wisconsin based private voice, dance and acting studio

Some of you reading this might be in the professional theatre world, some of you might be starring in your high school musical, and some of you might be packing up your life and getting ready to head off to college to study theatre. I would be willing to bet that all of you at some point as a child thought that you were going to be an actor. I certainly did. I was speaking with a colleague the other day who suggested that when we are children the only representation of the entertainment industry that we see frequently enough to understand is the professional actor.

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