Community. One of those (positive!) buzzwords that we all like to throw around. But what does it mean in theatre and, specifically, what does it mean as a drama teacher? Well, I believe theatre is community full stop. And educational theatre is a community like no other! It is a process of collaboration and a positive, communal force for good.

But, like all communities, there can be bumps in the road. Conversations can dry up, people move away, local policies don’t hit their mark, next door’s dog won’t stop barking….have I taken the community analogy too far now?! My point is that our theatre communities can go stale or break down, and sometimes we all need a helping hand. Finding your feet can be hard! Whether you have been teaching drama for years or you are new to the role, we know that it’s good to have a place where you can check in, seek advice, throw out some questions, and generally have each other’s back.

With that in mind, we created our Drama Teachers’ Green Room group on Facebook. It’s a friendly place for drama teachers to share ideas and resources and support each other! Let’s discuss, suggest material, or ask questions about anything related to teaching, theatre curriculum, and/or working with young actors.

Find out more and join the Drama Teachers’ Green Room here!

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