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Evan Teich is a NY based EMC actor, singer, and blogger. Currently, Evan is playing Uncle Jocko in the John W. Engeman's production of GYPSY out in Northport, LI. You can catch Evan's day to day musings either on Twitter or Instagram, both @teichcommaevan, or check him out on

Auditioning: The Actual Job of an Actor

I am of the school of thought that when it comes to being an actor, auditioning is the real work. While I continue to hone this skill, I now recognize that performing is the reward for those seemingly endless hours of work. Rather than approaching them as job interviews, I think of auditions as a unique, albeit brief opportunity to perform for a crowd of few. After all, what more does entertainment require than the actor and audience? Dare to treat them with a touch of levity and you might just find that auditioning can be rewarding and, dare I say, fun.

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Keep Calm and Embrace Your Type

To know your type as an actor is to understand your strengths and how others perceive them. To embrace your type is using this knowledge to power your career choices. Understanding your type is allowing yourself to be the best piece to fit in the overall puzzle. This sense of clarity and self-awareness is essential. However, we are not limited to one type over the course of our careers. There’s plenty of room for growth and discovery.

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