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How to Prepare for an Audition

Theatre Actors

Auditions are part and parcel of the actor’s life. Whether you’re a performing arts newbie or a seasoned professional, a huge part of your work will inevitably involve showing off your chops to the people responsible for putting together theater productions (i.e. our director, producer, and casting director friends).

In the beginning, it’s easy to see auditions as overwhelming and frightening. Indeed, nervousness before auditions is something that even the most experienced of actors admit to feeling — it’s definitely nothing to be ashamed of.

That being said, there are many tools we can use to get out of our own way and show our best work at auditions, the most reliable being adequate audition preparation. There’s simply no better trick to eradicating fear then to know that you’ve done absolutely everything in your power to give your best performance at an audition. Only then can you let go and let the magic happen!

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The Do’s and Don’ts of Audition Style

Kate Lumpkin

“Kate, I need your help. I am going in for a ‘hot soccer mom’ who lives in Brooklyn and is secretly in charge of an underground gambling ring. Oh, I also have to belt a G. What the heck do I wear?” 

Sometimes getting dressed in the morning can be hard enough —- let alone getting dressed for an audition like that. I understand this more than most. In my life I have been an actor, an anthropologist who studied personal adornment and its effects on societal influence, a casting assistant/associate and a style blogger. All of these things have added up to me spending a lot of time thinking about how what we wear truly influences the way that we are perceived and remembered. I see it everyday, in every audition, and at every industry event. Clothing IS important and speaks volumes about how we perceive ourselves and how we want others to see us.  

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How to Choose a Show to Produce In Your Community



“Hey kids, let’s put on a show!”

 So, you know you want to put on a play. Perhaps there’s a show you’ve been burning to produce. I know I have a list: — anyone who wants a director for Life is a Dream, King Charles III, Cymbeline, The Music Man, or Our Betters, let me know!

As we set about producing a play in today’s day and age, I think we must ask ourselves, “Why this play? Why now? Why this medium?”

Why do we need to hear this story, told in this context with these words? And, especially in an age in which many stories can be told on television and film in a very compelling fashion, “Why do we need to see this story told as a play?” These are questions I continually ask myself and my collaborators throughout our rehearsal process. They are the questions that drive me to create theatre – this transient experience,

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