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Acting Students Learning About Online Promotion Tools

There was a time when the only way for actors to get in front of casting directors and agents was to pound the pavement, day after day, dropping off paper resumes and headshots to countless offices. Today, the internet has changed casting forever by condensing information into one place; your computer. With the right knowledge and training, any actor can advance their career by finding opportunities in their local area without ever leaving their home. That’s why Young Actors Camp (YAC) offers a course specifically tailored to teach young aspiring thespians how to use online promotion tools to their benefit. YAC calls the course “Technology for the Actor,” and upon completion of the class, students will be armed with the skills for their personal gain. 

YAC students
YAC students

“Unfortunately, many actors, especially young actors, don’t know that the internet is the gateway to auditions in the modern entertainment industry,” says YAC founder Nichelle Rodriguez. “We wanted to offer a class that emphasized the importance of self-marketing, in addition to the acting training we offer. Technology for the Actor was the answer.” The course takes students on a tour of the most important websites for actors including IMDb Pro,, and Besides the major national and international websites, YAC also focuses on local web resources like state/country film commissions and local call boards where youth can find roles in their area.

“Unfortunately, many actors, especially young actors, don’t know that the internet is the gateway to auditions in the modern entertainment industry” – Nichelle Rodriguez, YAC

Technology for the Actor is just one of the core acting courses offered by Young Actors Camp at their campus in Claremont, California. Along with an education in technology, YAC offers workshops for kids and parents, film screenings, and experience on a real set. In one of their most popular courses, YAC allows campers to act in a sitcom in front of a live studio audience as a professional film crew captures the scene. It is this dedication to developing well-rounded young actors that sets Young Actors Camp apart from most other youth-specific acting camps. However, as camp director Dakota Lupo puts it, “Even the best actor in the world won’t get cast in anything if they don’t know how to find the auditions.”

Young Actors Camp was founded back in 2000 and over the years has perfected its curriculum; Technology for the Actor was an important part of the development process. “In this present day of technology, if actors know the right sites for auditions and to gain access to executive’s contact information, there is no reason an actor reach can’t be broader,” says Rodriguez. “Obviously, IMDb Pro is great for finding local shoots, and is the number one site for theatre auditions, but we also preach the importance of having a personal acting website.”  

“ is the number one site for theatre auditions” – Nichelle Rodriguez, YAC

When asked what the most important skill for a modern actor is, Lupo responded, “Without a doubt the ability to network and market oneself. The internet is a huge part of that. We see plenty of talent in our camps, but who are the ones working? It’s the actors who are most proactive about their careers.” YAC wants to see all of their actors go on to great success and they know the best way to help their students is to give them the experiences, knowledge, and skills to perform.

YAC student film
YAC student film

Times have changed and actors must change with the times. No longer is it enough to be well-trained and professional, actors must also be internet savvy businesspeople. Technology for the Actor at Young Actors Camp is a relevant education for today’s actor that will pay great dividends for years to come.

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